# Kôr - The Horns of Ylmir CD
10,00 €

Second Edition, limited to 500 copies

Strictly regarded as a sideproject of Sol Records cabals Shores of Ladon, KÔR undeniably bears the signature of St. music-, sound- and atmosphere-wise. Supported by SoL drummer Bavragor and recorded during the sessions of the aforementioned band's second full length "Witterung", it's the English language vocals, the Tolkien-based lyrical concept and various very personal intentions that set "The Horns of Ylmir" apart. The CD release contains 4 songs (38 minutes), mastered by H. Sovali/Trollhorn, and comes with an 8-page booklet.

CD Edition

8 page booklet

Mastersterd by Henri Sorvali (Trollhouse Audio)