Past & present BBM releases have been or are still available at the following mailorders.
(Labels & distros (esp. from countries not listed yet), feel free to get in touch for wholesaleprices or trades any time.)

Acherontas Promotions (greece)
Amor Fati (germany)
Analog Worship (northamerica)
Ars Funebris (france)
Art Of Propaganda (germany)
Black Metal Destroy (northamerica)
Blood Harvest (sweden)
Chalice Of Blood Angel (france)
Dark Matter Rec. (germany)
Deathstrike Rec. (germany)
D.O.O.M. (poland)
Fog Of The Apocalypse (germany)
Folter Rec. (germany)
Goatkult Symphonies (germany)
Goatmarch Distro (greece)
Hate & Murder (france)
Hells Headbangers (northamerica)
Horror Rec. (denmark)
Ingens Pecador (chile)
Iron Tyrant Rec. (italy)
Iron Bonehead (germany)
Kampf Rec. (poland)
Kill Yourself Prod. (greece)
Kiss Of Shame (greece)
Me Saco Un Ojo (great britain)
Moribund Rec. (northamerica)
Necromancer (germany)
Negativity Rec. (northamerica)
Northern Heritage Prod. (finland)
Nuclear War Now! Prod. (northamerica)
Nuclear Winter Rec. (greece)
Obscure Abhorrence (germany)
Penetration Hammer (germany)
Sturmglanz (germany)
Supremacy Through Intolerance (germany)
Unborn Prod. (norway)
Unholy Distro (greece)
Ván Gbr (germany)
Whispers of Death (germany)