Bleak Bone Mortualia is back with two new releases

Throybos & Throneum / Stormvold

THORYBOS - The Foul and the Flagrant MCD

Smoking blood in temples... Arisen from the miasmal black swamps of hiatus German THORYBOS
return with "The Foul and the Flagrant", a fetid chunk of utterly ruthless scorn and
synaesthetic abhorrence. These are 20 minutes of subversive bareknuckle Death/Black blasphemy
fundamentally aroused by malign volt-sorcery and befouled by the scent of ritual performance.
Pushed into darkness and drowned in black mire. Fog oils the faces.
Fat-cheeked black lizards, teeth, tongues and rites...

Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, 8-sided booklet

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THRONEUM / STORMVOLD - Fifth Column of Sheol Tape

This is the lim. 100 pro-tape version of a beast of a split release:
Polish institution THRONEUM once again spawn thrilling old school to the bone death worship
with furious attacks, suffocating breaks and a truely possessed voice.
Unholy vomit upon the inferior, blood & sacrifice to the dark ones!
Their partners in crime, the TinerfeƱos of STORMVOLD, execute inhuman power & sheer dominance.
An absolute, sharp, boundless barbaric Death/Black pressuring, a display of
bursting & unsettling brute force almost unbearable for those who
do not impatiently await the devastating final end of all.

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Listen: Fifth Column Of Sheol


OUT NOW: DOOMSLAUGHTER (blr) - Chants of Obliteration CD

Debut album of unrelenting & furious Black/Death Metal from Belarus.
Jewel case CD including 8 pages booklet.

"Death Calls" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MTbzuDh3hk
"Spears of Genocide" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpUWppBrMhY

Retail price: 8.00 EUR.


GOATSODOMY (Fin) - Black Goat Mass 7"EP

Relentless Black/Death Metal from Finland.
Their 2005 demo on vinyl, plus live bonus track. Including poster.
Limited to 222 handnumbered copies.

(apparently tape rip. Source of the vinyl is the original master cd of course.)

Retail price is 5.00 EUR.

Order EP and Shirt (Gildan Ultra Cotton) together for 10.00 EUR + postage.
Available sizes are:
Red logo on black shirt: 1x XXL, 2x XL, 2x L, 2x M, 2x S.
White logo on black shirt: 1x XL, 3x L, 1x M, 1x S.
(If you order through the webshop, simply add both to the cart separately. We'll check availability and add the discount afterwards.)

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